Jankuloska: SPO is always there when SDSM needs to achieve its goals


The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office has lost its credibility a long time ago in order to lead any procedures that are related to the law but it kept its primary function as one of the most distinguished organizational parts of SDSM i.e. they are just a tool used by SDSM anytime whenever they need to achieve a certain goal. This was said today by the former Minister of Internal Affairs and a high-ranking official at VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Jankuloska after she was summoned for questioning at SPO.

-It is obvious that at the moment, in the period when the end of the political crisis is looming, Zoran Zaev needs help and anytime he needs help, SPO is there to come out with something that will suit the opposition i.e. it will improve Zoran Zaev’s positions – said Jankuloska.

When asked for which case she was summoned by the SPO, she instructed the journalists to ask for an answer from the person “who summoned them at SPO”.

-For which case I was specifically summoned must be told by the one who summoned you all to come here – said Jankuloska, saying that for what she was asked about she requested to use “the rights that the law has granted her.”

The former Minister of Internal Affairs appeared today at SPO at 10 o’clock and was questioned there around an hour and a half.

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