Janeva: I gave my statement, the rest I leave to the Council of the Public Prosecution


Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s hearing took one hour and a half before the three-member committee of the Council of Public Prosecutors regarding the removal of two prosecutors from her team. Many questions remain unanswered for the public and it looks as if there are some new ones.
After the questioning Katica Janeva stated that she gave her statement before the members of the Commission and she now leaves the Council of Public Prosecutors to make a decision. She went on to say that there is nothing more to add on this issue, and that she would reveal more information at a press conference, which will take place soon.

Speaking to reporters, she shortly stated that before committee members she explained that in connection with the dismissal of the two prosecutors, Lejla Kadriu and Marija Gjogjeva, they had acted legally and as you know, they no longer come to work in the Special Prosecutor’s Office. About her decision, she referred to the Law on the Special Public Prosecution specifically, which gives the Special Prosecutor full autonomy over who should work and how they work at the Prosecution.

“Today I gave a statement about the dismissal of two prosecutors from the team of the Special Public Prosecution and I now leave it to the Council of Public Prosecutors to make a decision on the matter. I explained to the committee members, that I acted in full accordance with the law. With autonomy, we know how cases like these are dealt with, I’m the one who makes the decision who and how will work at the Special Prosecutor’s Office.” Said Katica Janeva.
The President of the three-member commission, Sasho Vasilevski, said that the statements from the two Prosecutors and Janeva’s statement will be submitted to the Council of Public Prosecutors at the next session.

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