Janakieski and Ristovski in custody, Veljanoski saved by immunity


In the latest development in the case against the participants in the violence in Parliament on April 27, 2017, yesterday the former Minister of Transport and Communications and former high-ranking official of VMRO-DPMNE, Mile Janakieski, former Minister of Labor and Social Policy and Education, Spiro Ristovski, were taken into custody yesterday, while former Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, after the court hearing last night, called for parliamentary immunity and went home.

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organized Crime and Corruption (BPPO-POCC) announced yesterday that it had instituted proceedings against five suspects regarding the events on April 27. Among them are former Prime Minister and former President of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski, as well as former UBK employee Nikola Boskoski. Vilma Russkoska, the head of the PPO-POCC, will seek extradition from Hungary, or Greece.

Lawyer Elenko Milanov announced yesterday that he will appeal, especially concerning the detention of Janakieski.

For the detention of Veljanoski, the Commission for Mandatory and Immunity Issues will first have to convene and decide on the immunity of the MP.

The PPO-POCC said that “the findings of the preliminary procedure indicate that the suspects in the beginning of 2017 had prepared and implemented a plan with the intention of preventing a peaceful transfer of power.”

“For this purpose they organized and materially supported the mass protests, first before the State Election Commission, and then the protests of the “For a United Macedonia” movement that culminated in the violent entry into the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on 27 April 2017. In an effort to jeopardize the constitutional order and security, on the critical day they organized an unimpeded entry of the masses into the Parliament, involving patriotic associations and hiring individuals to commit violence. At the same time, from the headquarters of a political party, they continuously mobilized the membership of the party from Skopje and other cities. At the same time, one of the suspects with a vehicle, owned by the Directorate for Security and Correction, brought firearms and bullets in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia that were intended for protesters and had experience in handling weapons. With these activities, the suspects caused a feeling of insecurity, endangerment and fear among the citizens, “said BPPO.

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