Ivanov: I want Bulgaria to be able to embrace Macedonia and to give us their support

President Gjorge Ivanov in an interview with Bulgarian news agency “BGNes” stated that there are no language barriers between Macedonia and Bulgaria and because of that Bulgaria needs to support Macedonia and embrace it.

“I want Bulgaria to be the state that supports Macedonia the most, as they say, to embrace Macedonia. We have no language barrier. We have open issues from the past. We can not change history, and we can not change our geography – we will always be neighbors. Macedonia has been an independent state for 25 years. We want honest and good relations with all neighbors. We can not change history, but if we change something today, we can change the future for our descendants. This means that in the future there will not be slaves, as we slaved away at certain times of the past, in the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Cold War, the block division, our life within Yugoslavia. Today we are an independent state and it is necessary to have good relations with all our neighbors. It is in the interest for the whole region.You can see how other regions have found ways to cooperate”, said Ivanov for “BGNes.”