It is easier to discipline children at kindergartens than children at camp Gradishte


After six months, today the kindergartens in North Macedonia  were reopened to admit children. By measuring their body temperature at entrances and with hand disinfection, today, one by one, the children were enrolled at the “Buba Mara” kindergarten in Aerodrom municipality in Skopje. The floor had markings for two meters distancing, where the parents had to wait in front of the facility before entering. The kindergarten has three entrances and all of them were open to admit children from nursery to elderly groups.

The parents brought their children and in their hands they had plastic bags with toilet paper and other hygiene assets. The kindergarten was visited by the Minister for Labor and Social Policy, Jagoda Shahpaska.

-In accordance with the protocols, the kindergartens have the capacity to admit more than 19.000 children. Single parents or working parents will have the advantage, and both parents will have to be at their places of work. According to the data provided by the kindergartens, little above 14.000 children were enrolled at the kindergarten, and there is room for more than 4.000. I appeal to all those that work with pre-school children to sound the alarm if they suspect any COVID-19 symptoms – said the minister in its media statement.

Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, an interim director at the Public Health Center, stated for Meta that it will be easier to discipline the children at a kindergarten than the adults going to parties such as the one at camp Gradishte in Ohrid.

-We set the protocols and we shall see how the kindergartens will manage with those in practice. Still, it is easier to discipline the children as they understand if they are explained to – said Stojanov.

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