In Parliament, poetry, jokes and ridicule at the Government’s decisions for the new personnel


MPs from VMRO-DPMNE at today’s continuation of the discussion regarding the dismissal of the Attorney General, Marko Zvrlevski, besides praising his work as State Public Prosecutor, they also recited poetry and told jokes at the expense of the government’s decisions on the new personnel in the state institutions.

“With the discussion regarding the dismissal of Marko Zvrlevski, they want to de-focus the public from important issues and problems in Macedonia. In the past few days, we have had cases which indicate that Macedonia is becoming a police state. A few days ago, little children were shot and yesterday in Struga there was a murder”, said Zoran Ilioski.

MP Ivan Ivanov from the opposition party, from the parliamentary rostrum told a joke where he tried to point out that the government is selling the national interests for their personal gain.

His colleague, Dimitar Stevanandzija recited Blaže Koneski’s poem “Teskoto”, which he devoted to all cultural workers.

“I devote these verses to all cultural workers so they can tear up their diplomas and throw them outside the Ministry of Culture, because, as of today, the director of “Tanec” is a person with secondary school education”, said Stevanandzija.

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