Фото: Арбнора Мемети

Before the new school year starts in North Macedonia, the state education inspectors had been inspecting whether the floors have been cleaned, if there are direction signs placed on the floor, whether the toilets are clean, or if there are enough sanitizers. The inspections are conducted so that it can be checked whether the schools are meeting the requirements for the teaching process with physical presence to start.

At the same time, many of the schools are performing complete disinfection in accordance with the protocols that were adopted by the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

“The records of the inspections of locations were submitted to the government commission that has to decide which schools will be allowed to have classes in school rooms. The school managements could have asked for permits themselves and this is what 200 schools have asked for. The inspectors were checking whether the schools have room for isolation in case an employee or a pupil has symptoms. They also were checking whether the schools have any sanitation blocks and their current condition, and whether there are sanitizers”, said Tome Spirovski, Director of the State Education Inspectorate

In the meantime, the municipalities are performing the last preparations before the start of the new school year. At the schools in the municipality of Karpos a disinfection, insect, and rodent control was performed at pre-school and school facilities. This is performed every six months during the year, but this year there was emergency disinfection in March because of the situation with the pandemic. All of the kindergartens and schools plan to allow healthy and hygienic conditions for stay and work.

For 981 elementary and 132 secondary schools, the school year will start for the first time on the 1st of October.