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Through a live stream, the IGN Summer of gaming 2021 has started on 11th of June via the IGN Expo stream, where world premieres of new games have been presented, different games from those already advertised on such events.

*You can find the video from the stream on thе link above

Beside the great popularity of FPS games, such as Counterstrike, Overwatch and most recently Valorant, there was a game that was presented on the IGN Expo, named Splitgate Arena Warfare, that incorporates the mechanics of the comic game Portal with basic FPS elements. Namely the players can open portals through walls and obstacles and pass through them or shoot through the holes. An interesting mechanic, but it wasn’t mentioned if the characters themselves have other abilities except the ability to open portals. Again in this game, there are also skins for weapons that change the appearance of the current weapons to look more prestigious.

The second game that was presented is Streets of Rage 4, a new game that reminds too much of the ultra popular arcade era game Final Fight. Naturally with enhanced graphics and more characters. There is even a same character as Cody from Final Fight, but it is drawn worse than the original character. While the whole game creates a feeling of nostalgia for the times of arcade games, such games can be played now through the program mame32.

From the games with spaceships the newest game is Haunted Space, an impressively made game with space vehicles where the flying of the ship reminds more of Star Conflict (a free to play game on Steam that uses the aiming mechanics of one of the most popular games with airplanes on Steam called War Thunder) than ELITE Dangerous where the controls of aiming and flying are harder to master.

ELITE, while it was a game for Commodore 64, had real astronomical maps incorporated in the game with locations and destinations you could fly to-the same factor is present in the newest version although fantasy is being used for the resources, the trading, the deliveries and battles.

In Haunted Space, you can combine different parts on the vehicles that reminds of the game for kids from Steam named Robocraft, where the players make robots from different parts that fight each other. But still, Haunted Space is a game for grownups because of the horror elements that are seemingly grotesque while the graphics are impressive.

Maybe the most interesting educational game that was presented is the game Unpacking, where you unpack items from cardboard boxes and put them in place in several rooms of an apartment from which kids can learn the good habit of tidying up their room.

For other and many more newer games, follow the next streams on IGN.com.