Годинава на натпреварот во излежување во Долна Брезна во Црна Гора соборен рекордот од 52 часа. Фото: Исечок од ТВ прилогот на РТЦГ

The Ethno-village “Montenegro” at Dolna Brezna in Montenegro organized the traditional contest in laziness. The competition, pokes fun at the stereotype that Montenegrins are work-shy.

Even though the world record was brokend, the three remaining contestants were still competing this morning i.e. they were lying flat in order to win an award of 300 EUR, informs Montenegro’s broadcasting service (RTCG).

“We are slowly entering the 93rd hour, the world record set two years ago, which was 52 hours, was broken. The most persistent three are still competing. They stated they have no intention to stand up,” said Radoje Blagojevic for RTCG, the owner of the Montenegro village and contest’s organizer.

The breaking of the record probably came as a direct result of the change of the rules compared to the previous years i.e. now every 8 hours the contestants are allowed to go to the toilet.

“They are allowed to go to the toilet after 8 hours, so maybe it was easier to break the record set two years ago, which was 52 hours continuous lying down. They weren’t allowed to go to the toilet. I couldn’t have managed that, so all credits go to them,” said Blagojevic.

Two boys from Nikshic and a woman from Podgorica were vying for the new record this morning.