Freelancers: We want you to hear us, not tap us


With banners “You took the bread from our mouths,” “People are concerned, not percentages,” “You don’t understand, we are angry,” “You didn’t kill all unions, we are still here,” freelancers today “greeted” MPs, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Dime Spasov, Government, and finally to support the students who keep the autonomous zone on the Faculty of Philology.

Representatives of independent unions emphasized that they are not satisfied with the amendments to the Law on contributions and social insurance and asked for it to be abolished.

Culture Union stated it disagreed with the law and are disgusted by the way most laws in the country are passed.

– Ministers, you are only civil servants, you are replaceable. You come and go. We are the foundation of this country and you do not own us. The time has come to say “stop” and “no” to all the nonsense that you did. Abolish this shameful law – said Culture Union.

Unions sent a message that they want their voice to be heard, not tapped. They say that their number on the streets is increasing and that will increase even more if the situation in the country doesn’t improve. They say they want to be respected and equal with other citizens.

At the protest outside the Government, actress Ana Kostovska, supported by the protestants, sang the anthem of Macedonia, with which they symbolically indicated to the Government that they will continue to fight and demand their rights.

Actor Sasho Tasevski also had his performance in front of the building of the Government.

The protest ended in the autonomous zone in front of the Faculty of Philology. There the freelancers expressed their support of the students, and these, in turn, recommended them to be persistent and not to give up in the fight for their rights.

Zdravko Saveski from the association “Solidarity” said this is not the last protest and that they will soon gather again.

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