North Macedonia: Biggest insurance claim payment last year was €382,000


The citizens, companies and institutions in North Macedonia last year collected MKD 4 billion (€65.1 million) from insurance claims, which is on a par with 2019. Out of this sum, €58 million were paid for damages on basis of non-life insurance and the payments for damages on the basis of life insurance are in the amount of €7,1 million, the Insurance Supervisory Agency (ISO) of North Macedonia reveals.

The biggest gross insurance payment in the last year was €382,000, paid to a company for a property insured by “Osiguruvanje Makedonija”. The biggest sum for Comprehensive car insurance was €94,000 and for Auto liability on foreign turf the record holder is the payment of €221,000, ISO revealed.

The second-highest amount was the payment for insurance of property from fire. A legal entity that had an insurance policy at Uniqa, and it cashed out €282,000.

The highest amount for Compulsory car insurance the last year was paid by Sava Insurance in the amount of €219,500. Almost the same amount was paid by Triglav Insurance for damage Auto liability on foreign turf. The biggest insurance for fire damages was paid by Eurolink i.e. €150,000. Last year, Winner has paid 149,000 EUR  for damages to client’s property. The biggest amount for Comprehensive car insurance was paid last year by Croatia Insurance in the amount of €94,000.

Out of the biggest single payments (for each of the 11 companies for non-life insurance), 5 were for the payment of Auto liability, 4 were for property insurance, and one each for reimbursement of Comprehensive car insurance for motor vehicles and for Auto liability on foreign turf.

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