Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Enlargement, who comes to Skopje tomorrow, announced that he will offer a kind of mediation of the European Parliament in the Macedonian crisis.

– It is crystal clear that the political dialogue must be conducted in the Assembly and urged all political parties to conduct the debate there. So, I asked the representatives of political parties in the European Parliament to make similar effort as the one we successfully carried out in Albania, where European officials Kukan and Flekenstein managed to come to an agreement that led to the return of the opposition in the Parliament. It is a good example. And because it is a matter of the Assembly, it is logical it to be done by the Assembly, not the European Commission. They are willing to do in and, hopefully, they will succeed – said Hahn before his departure for Skopje.

Hahn tomorrow will discuss with the Government and representatives of the opposition.

– Although some told me not to go, I decided otherwise and still decided to go. It is important to talk with leaders there in order for me to evaluate the situation – says Hahn.

The message, he says, is crystal clear.

– The judicial system, for example, is not a task of the politicians. They should not judge, the judiciary is the one that judges. Political assessment is also crystal clear. Political dialogue must be conducted in the Assembly and I urge all political parties to conduct the debate there – recommends Hanh.

Hahn also believes that great transparency is required.

– Everything leads to transparency and more transparency can create a solution. If I understood correctly, the Venice Commission works and has a report. You can tell that that report was not respected or at least not sufficiently respected, but we have plenty of evidence that all these initiatives created a climate which leads to change of the situation in the country on the long run and we hope it will be soon – said Hahn, adding that, according to him, it takes a number of measures, not just one.

– This is a kind of puzzle and we should be strict, ambitious, but not naive and we should be patient. It is important not to forget the final goal, which must remain in our sight – says Hahn.