Activist request GTC to be declared as cultural heritage


Even after the failed referendum, activists of the initiative “I love GTC” are not giving up the fight.

They plan a series of activities to preserve the authentic look of City Shopping Center.

First is declaring GTC as cultural heritage.

– For GTC to be declared cultural heritage and to get some level of protection, funds from the budget to design a study should be allocated, which will serve as a benchmark of restorers and conservators, depending on what level of protection it will get – said Danica Pavlovska from “I love GTC”.

Representatives of the initiative say they have not begun nor ended with the referendum, and therefore intend to continue with the activities.

According to Pavlovska, the fact that 17,000 people yesterday voted to preserve the current appearance of the facade of GTC says a lot and the government should consider if its decision to cover GTC with baroque facade is legitimate in this case.

Meanwhile, in the media already appeared speculation that GTC fenced with rail fence, but Ago Abazovski for “Radio Free Europe” says that, according to his estimates, the renovation will begin in the next few months because economic feasibility study is being prepared, which is to show the feasibility and method of investment, and that he expected to be ready in the next two or three months and then the activities to attract investors would begin.

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