Gruevski on Facebook: If this government is voted, it will be a government of a one ambassador


The principle of entering into coalition between winners has been destroyed forever by DUI’s decision. No one, not even VMRO-DPMNE in the future will have an obligation to enter into a coalition with the winner, wrote VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader, Nikola Gruevski on his Facebook page.
-This government was made under fierce outside pressure towards DUI, in which many took part in, and most active of them all was one ambassador. This operation was mostly supported by Soros. A large part of the finances and logistics were provided by him – wrote Gruevski on his FB status.

VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader said that “if this government is voted, it will be a government by a one ambassador.”

-After that, he will come out and the court will be his court. He has been working on that for a long time. He already has a prosecution. He has subordinates, NGOs and mercenaries. He also has political parties. But even he won’t be an eternal ambassador and even he has a limited mandate – said Gruevski.

Gruevski also said that if “he wants Zaev to be a Prime Minister at any cost, he may not have to hit the state and national interests.”

– I will accept willingly to be arrested, imprisoned and tortured if that is Zaev’s condition and VMRO-DPMNE to support him as a minority government as much as he likes until the next elections that would be agreed upon together. Let him hit me if it makes him change his mind in his plan to hit the foundations of this country because of his wish to take the power. Take this as a public offer – said Gruevski.

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