Gruevski from Prilep: We know our flaws, but this SDSM is not an alternative


VMRO-DPMNE leader and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski today addressed at the national gathering that VMRO-DPMNE organized in Prilep. At the beginning of his speech, Gruevski noted that Mayor Marjan Ristevski in cooperation with Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski carried out more than 400 projects in this city.

Then, in front of the gathered citizens, he spoke of opposition leader Zoran Zaev, for whom he said that he wants to harm Macedonia and its integrity.

– In this insidious and cowardly way, with, as they admitted, created, cut materials, through lies and false contexts in which they announced their press conferences, by working with structures that don’t have good intentions to Macedonia, they want to harm us personally and our credibility and integrity, thinking that they will get the support of the citizens this way – emphasized Gruevski.

In terms of the proposed amnesty by Ljubcho Georgievski, Gruevski thinks that Georgievski specifically meant for Zaev’s amnesty.

– Do you see how this character, who at times thinks he is the Messiah, in the context of this drama with the amnesty, he turned on Ljubcho Georgievski? And the man asked for public amnesty for Zaev and his associates, and nothing more. But I don’t know if Zaev didn’t hear or misunderstood, because it is possible, and he immediately threatened Ljubcho that he will publish something about him as well – he said.

Gruevski accused Zaev that he allegedly conducting policies, as he said, “of columnist and mercenaries of Soros”. In terms of Zaev’s call to the disgruntled citizens to go out on the streets, he said that they would not allow the security of the state and the citizens to be disturbed.

He says they know their flaws and mistakes, but, according to him, citizens know that SDSM, with this kind of behavior and the staff, won’t be a suitable alternative to the VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “For Better Macedonia”.

Prime Minister also reviewed government policies to support farmers, growers of wine and tobacco and noted that the difference between them and SDSM is that they subsidize these branches, and the opposition party just promised it. And, as he noted, the works and everything done differentiated them from the opposition and told the people to believe in it.

Gruevski accused the opposition that, even though it doesn’t have ideas and projects, it covers its impotence with the vail of topics of democracy and freedom.

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