Health Minister Filipche: Restrictions on gatherings in order to avoid parks full of people


The new government decision to ban groups of more than four people in public spaces was made when we saw that the parks during the weekend are full of people, said the Minister of Health Venko Filipche.

“The restriction on groups was made in order not to have gatherings in the parks. After 9 p.m. we saw that the parks were full of large groups and we don’t want that to happen. I appeal to the citizens, as this is a difficult and complex period, we have to be aware that we should follow the measures, not to leave homes since our capacities are overloaded. The health workers need help and a higher level of consciousness is needed,” said Filipche.

Filipche informed that for now there is access to oxygen, there is enough hospital capacity, and that the personnel is ready to work on the principle of rotation.

“We are ready for the period that is arriving. We have a plan for the next period and we have a schedule for the expert personnel that will be working with COVID-infected patients,” said the minister.

The Government’s decision to ban larger gatherings at public spaces has come after Meta’s reporting on Friday that with the closure of pubs at 9 p.m., hundreds of young people are gathering in large groups and are having fun in the city’s central park.

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