Government adopts protocols for cultural events and everyday work of cultural institutions


In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Government adopted the protocols for the work of libraries, museums, galleries, and other exhibiting spaces. The mandatory wearing of face masks, maintaining a social distance, hand hygiene when entering and during the event will still be into force ,including regular cleaning and disinfection of the setting/room/building.

The number of visitors in museums, galleries, and exhibiting spaces, in accordance with the square surface, will be limited to 15 visitors per 100м² net surface area (the surface planned for visitors’movement i.e. the surface of the exhibits, furniture, and other equipment has been deducted from the gross surface area). The regulation of the number of visitors in a single building will be carried out by following the guidelines that when the maximum number of allowed visitors enters, any new visitors will only be allowed to enter when the last visitor leaves or to each visitor who leaves, only one new visitor can take his place. The sanitary-hygiene measures will be strengthened in order to regularly maintain the toilet hygiene and doorkeepers will be designated to control the implementation of the aforementioned measures.

On the other hand, the conditions and the rules for organizing events predict events to take place in open spaces with 50% of the location’s capacity. Regarding the audience, at the entrance, each visitor will have his temperature measured and mandatory disinfection will take place. An online ticket purchasing is recommended and no entrance will be allowed without a face mask.

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