Gjorcev: Zaev and those around him are playing with the people’s patience


Zaev and those around him should know that they are playing with the patience of patient men, they are playing with the anger of patient men. The people showed patience, however, if someone wants to steal a man’s will, he will become very angry”, said Vlatko Gjorcev, the top candidate of the electoral list for VMRO-DPMNE in the sixth constituency,

“The defeated Zoran Zaev wants to steal your victory, he wants to multiply your number of votes with a zero. The defeated Zaev, without any doubt defeated, wants to become a winner. The people decide, the people voted, Macedonia voted. We will not allow him to steal this victory from the citizens of Macedonia. We won fair and square, a win in the municipalities, a clear victory in six of the seven constituencies. Our victory with the votes has been verified and concluded by the SEC”, said Gjorcev.

He added that Zaev will not be deciding who will compose the government but the Macedonian citizens will decide through free will.

“Zaev came out an hour ago and made a threat. He continues to make threats, let us keep in mind that he is threatening 453,000 citizens of Macedonia. The citizens are the people, the people voted and the people do not intend to allow Zaev and a handful of people and associates to steal the democratically expressed will of the citizens of Macedonia”, Gjorcev added.

According to Gjorcev, Zaev should stop extending the political crisis and said that the elections were pure as snow. He asked the opposition to congratulate VMRO-DPMNE on their victory at the elections.

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