In Macedonia, political uncertainty continues after the close election results, said MEP Tonino Picula to the Croatian news agency HINA, who followed Sunday’s early parliamentary elections in Macedonia.

“The election results showed a continuation of the high polarization and the political division within Macedonian society… At this point, uncertainty reigns as the final result. The difference between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM is marginal”, said Picula, who was appointed as shadow rapporteur for Macedonia from the group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.

The MEP believes that multiple scenarios could unfold, but the least likely is the formation of a large coalition because it would not solve anything, considering the deep divisions and differences which already exist. He said the two main Macedonian political parties have only one thing in common, and that is a clear pro-European future of Macedonia.

Picula did not rule out the possibility of new early elections and that it was “not so unrealistic”.

“Whether it will happen next year, perhaps in conjunction with local elections which are meant to be held in the spring, is not yet clear”, said Picula.