“Freedom House”: Macedonia is a partly free country


“Freedom House” announced that a “disturbing” decline of freedom was registered last year, and, according to them, the least free country is Syria, while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is seen as a blow to democracy.

Its annual report entitled “Rejection of democracy: The Return of the Iron Fist” reads that the increased number of terrorist attacks and the intensification of aggressive tactics used by authoritarian regimes contributed to the increase in disregard of democratic standards in almost all regions of the world.

In the report, Macedonia is in the group of partly free countries. Macedonia registered a decline in the assessment of political freedom in comparison to the previous report of this leading organization for monitoring democracy worldwide. As for civil liberties, Macedonia has maintained the same assessment, i.e. three. The group of partly free countries, among others, also includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Ukraine and Moldova. Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro are the regional representatives in the group of free countries.

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