Samaras didn’t leave toilet paper or WiFi password to Tsipras


The new Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, when he arrived in his new official residence last night was shocked when he noticed that the outgoing administration took computers, documents and even personal hygiene products with them, reports British newspaper “Guardian”.

– They took everything. It took me an hour to find soap – said Tsipras.

Traditionally, outgoing Greek Prime Minister remains in the residence until the arrival of his successor to congratulate him and to wish him luck. However, as the newspaper reports, Antonis Samaras was probably in such a hurry to leave that he didn’t even leave the password for the WiFi network.

– We are sitting in the dark. We do not have Internet or e-mail, we don’t have means to communicate with each other – stated a member of the Tsipras’ staff for German newspaper “Spiegel”.

Tsipras yesterday managed to get the password for the official Twitter account of the Greek Prime Minister. In his first “tweet”, Tsipras repeated the oath, which he gave 24 hours earlier, promising to respect the Constitution and to always serve the interests of the Greek people.

However, the new administration still has trouble with the full taking over of the system. On the official website of the Greek Government, Samaras is listed as Prime Minister seventy-two hours after the elections.

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