Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, nationalist Theo Francken, clarified the plans of his Government to charge the right of residence of immigrants on Belgian territory, and, according to him, it will cost 225 euros.

If the immigrant refuses or is unable to pay this amount, he will face a “quite severe sanction” – immediate expulsion from the territory with a permanent ban to re-enter Belgium.

Secretary of State added that this would not apply for “vulnerable groups”, such as “victims of trafficking, minors without a parent or guardian, asylum seekers and citizens of the European Union.”

But the Belgian State Council, the highest court in the country, received this news with skepticism, reported Belgian media.

Namely, the State Council currently “examines the compliance of this measure with constitutional, European and international law.”

The highest court in the country wants to see a detailed list of people who would be affected by the measure, not just those who are exempt from paying. The court believes that there shouldn’t be any “gray areas” in the interpretation of the law because the sanction in case of non-payment is “quite severe”.