Sixty-year-old L.S from the village of Kalaslari, Veles, shot at the former Minister of Health and member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Todorov, confirmed the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

They added that the suspect fired two rounds from a gun at Todorov. According to the MOI, there were no injuries. The gunman was immediately arrested and taken to the police station, where there will be an ongoing investigation into the case.

Some of the media are citing preliminary and unofficial information from the investigation, and have reported that the 60-year old man L.S. is the grandfather to nine-year old Tamata Dimovska, who had a curvature of the spine and passed away in February, 2015, while waiting for the Health Insurance Fund to finance her surgery abroad. The MOI has not yet confirmed this information.

Tamara’s mother, Zaklina Dimovska in a statement for “Nova TV” confirmed that the person who shot former Minister Nikola Todorov is her father. She says she is in shock and that she learnt of the attack at the Ministry of Health from the media.

“Nothing suggests that he planned to do such a thing. I do not know where he found a gun. There is anger within the family, but no one has thought of such a thing, and did not expect that this could happen. Killing is not the solution. This is such a shock to me, I condemn violence, even if he is my father. All my life I fought for justice, and this is what happened”, said Dimovska.

Unofficially, the attacker shot Todorov as he entered the building of the Ministry of Health, where today, at 12:30pm, Todorov was meant to officially hand over the function to the new Minister of Health, Arben Taravari.