Defense minister: North Macedonia supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity


Slavjanka Petrovska, the minister of defense of North Macedonia said for NMacedonian TV 24 that the state institutions are following-up on the situation in Ukraine, in the light of the repositioning of the Russian armed forces on the border with Ukraine.

“I have to highlight that we completely support the efforts within the framework of the NATO Alliance and the OSCE to overcome this situation. We comprehend this positioning of the armed forces as provocative and a destabilization action which, actually, threatens the security of the European continent,“ says minister Petrovska.


We comprehend the situation in and around Ukraine. We fully support the efforts of NATO and the OSCE-participating states in addressing the situation. The Republic of North Macedonia supports the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. ttps://t.co/5Hu68KTEhE

— Slavjanka Petrovska (@SlavjankaPetrov) January 23, 2022

North Macedonia’s defense minister says that the country unequivocally supports the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Minister Slavyanka Petrovska points out that the country supports unhesitantly the Washington Treaty, as well as all of the fundamental agreements and documents that guarantee the safety and the security of Europe.

“As a member state of NATO, we call on all the countries to do the same thing, because we do not think that a flare-up of any kind of conflict can work towards the improvement of the current situation. On the contrary, the dialogue and the discussion should be, above all, in the interest of everybody,“ Petrovska says.

The US State Department yesterday ordered that the families of the US Embassy in Kiev”s staff should leave Ukraine due to a possible Russian invasion. The non-substantial part of the staff there was also advised to leave, as well as all of the US citizens which are currently in Ukraine.

Washington warned against traveling to Ukraine and Russia due to the current tensions in the region and the possibility of harassment of US citizens, noting that Russia can invade Ukraine at any given moment.


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