Did the surveillance cameras record the shooting at the Clinical Centre?


Three days after the armed incident, where a surgeon was wounded at the clinic for digestive surgery, the authorities can not tell whether the assault was recorded by the video surveillance cameras and whether they worked at that time.
In 2008, the Ministry of Health procured and installed some 1,200 cameras in the University Hospital and other health care facilities, where they spent approximately one million euros.

Yesterday we tried to get an answer from the Ministry of Health, who seven years ago and realized and promoted the project for surveillance in health facilities and clinics, but they redirected us to the Director of the clinic for digestive surgery, because as we were told by the Ministry that it was the clinic who was specifically responsible for the cameras.

Today, in a brief conversation, with the Director of the Clinic for digestive surgery, Aleksander Karagjozov did not give us a specific answer as to whether the cameras were working and whether the incident was recorded by video surveillance.

“Yesterday we talked and we checked. I had previously sought to reactivate the cameras, at least in the corridors”, said Dr Karagjozov.

We asked whether this meant that the cameras are not working.

“They did. At the moment they do work, I do not know. I can not view the pictures, to do that we need a paid employee to do that job.” Dr Karagjozov told us.

As to whether the incident was recorded by video surveillance cameras from the clinic and whether the inspection of the scene was uploaded of the footage of the security cameras for further analysis we also asked and the prosecution, which is leading the investigation into the case, but twe did not get any answers.
The cameras in the health facilities and clinics were put into use in late December of 2008.
As I wrote then in the media, it was a project by the Ministry of Health, and at the time the Minister was Bujar Osmani.

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