The Public Prosecutor’s Office declared for “Meta” that they are not responsible in the case regarding the arrest and the discovery of the gun of the former Director of the Security and Counter-intelligence (SCI) Sasho Mijalkov at Belgrade “Nikola Tesla”airport.  Therefore, the matter will be referred to “the authorities of the state in whose territory the crime was committed.”

Nearly a month ago Mijalkov was arrested after he was found with a gun in his suitcase, where a few hours earlier he had “strolled” through security at the airport in Skopje.

“So far, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje from the official authorities of the Republic of Serbia has not received notice of the event for which you ask. In accordance with the law, when a crime is committed in the territory of another State, authorities from that state have jurisdiction for possible initiation of proceedings”, was today’s response to questions we asked the prosecution: What is happening with the case? Is there an open process or has an investigation been initiated into the case, as it is public known information? Has Sasho Mijalkov been questioned over the incident? Will the prosecution request information from Serbian authorities about the case?

The concessionaire of the airport “Alexander the Great”, the company TAV, which announced an internal investigation into how Mijalkov managed to pass airport security with a gun in his suitcase. They sent a brief statement to “Meta” saying that they will “take all necessary measures for such an incident never to repeat itself”.

“We have taken all necessary precautions to avoid a recurrence of such an event and are cooperating with all institutions in all areas”, responded TAV for “Meta” to the question whether an internal investigation has been completed, have they determined whose responsible for such an oversight and whether Mijalkov’s suitcase which had a gun, had passed through any scanners at Skopje airport “Alexander the Great”?

We did not receive an answer from Ministry of Interior to the questions: Are you working on resolving this case? Will the MOI file criminal charges against Sasho Mijalkov? Was Mijalkov called in for an informational interview by the Interior Ministry about the case? Are employees and representatives from the management of TAV being questioned or interviewed?

Otherwise, according to the legislation for such a case, the party is usually subjected to fines and jail time.

Paragraph 1 of Article 402 of the Criminal Code states that “A person without a legal lisence crosses or attempts to cross the border of the Republic of Macedonia, armed or using violence shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment up to one year. ”

According to Article 81 of the Law on Weapons, the penalty for an individual who does not declare his weapon when crossing the state border, ranges from 500 to 1,000 euros.

“It is forbidden to carry and use weapons in public, except for employees who work in security or on the property of the state bodies, and legal officials in accordance with the regulations to protect people and property. In regards to public places, in terms of this Act, it is applicable to places accessible to an indefinite number of persons without any conditions (streets, squares, roads, picnic sites, ports, airports, railway stations, bus stations, waiting rooms … ” states the law on weapons.