Фото: Суад Бајрами

The new curfew in North Macedonia in its first night, starting yesterday at 10 PM and lasting until 6 AM this morning, emptied the streets. The Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski visited several police points in Skopje.

The night curfews, starting at 10 PM and lasting until 6 AM in the morning will take place until the 22nd of March. The government of North Macedonia ordered this restrictive measure among the worsening of the COVID-19 situation in the country.

The Interior Minister Spasovski said that all necessary activities for the control of the obeyance of the curfew will be implemented in accordance with the Government’s decision and appealed that the citizens comply with the movement ban.

“This is a necessary step recommended by health authorities and is in the interest of the individual and public health and I am more than certain that all of us together will be able to overcome these circumstances that the pandemic has imposed on us with the COVID-19. I appeal to the citizens to be responsible, I appeal they should remain at their homes, not exit without any specific needs. Only this way shall we be able to stop the virus’ widespread,” said Spasovski.

If they don’t obey the curfew, the citizens will be charged with felony according to Article 206 of the Crime Code – Failing to act in accordance with the health regulations during a pandemic.

Photo credits: Suad Bajrami/Portalb.mk