Whose is the A1on camera?


At today’s session in the Bitola Council, the councilors of the governing party demanded removal of the camera of A1on from the hall, and the portal to provide confirmation that the camera is theirs, claim councilors. Councilor from VMRO-DPMNE, who is also the spokesman for the local branch of the party, Blagoj Shaklevski, after the session and the debate on the first item on the agenda began, he requested the dilemma “whose is the camera of A1on” to be solved, explaining that this material is not meant for the web page of the portal, but the party channel of SDSM on YouTube.

After this, councilors stopped the session and had a long coordination. LDP councilor Valentin Gruevski said that the Government in Bitola asked the media to be removed from the session, which is outrageous precedent because the sessions are public and it is guaranteed by the Statute of the Council.

– This is an outrageous pressure from the Government to close the meeting to the public and also to divide media on those who are for and against the Government. According to the statute of the Municipality, the sessions are open to the public unless two-thirds of the councilors vote for closed session – says Gruevski.

However, councilor of VMRO-DPMNE Shaklevski explains that it must be known whose is camera because footages from the session of the Council have been abused on YouTube, when the target was President of the Council Silvana Angelevska.

– I didn’t demand removal of the camera, but I asked for coordination to clear whose is the camera, because the footage of it is uploaded to the party website of SDSM and the false YouTube channel of the Municipal Council. Otherwise, our sessions are open to the public – said Shaklevski.

After several hours of coordination, the session of the Council continued, and, according to Shaklevski, the cameraman was asked to identify himself and bring further confirmation that he really shoots for the portal A1on.

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