Today, the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union of the German Bundestag had a session regarding the current situation in Macedonia, and when the session ended, social democrat Josip Juratovic (SPD) said the situation in Macedonia is difficult when it comes down to forming a government, reports Deutsche Welle.

He believes that mediation must continue in order for the election results to be recognised for a government to be formed.

“In a democratic country, it is legitimate for coalitions i.e. the majorities to assemble freely. Take into consideration that there is a proposal for a coalition, now it is expected that the president will agree with the choice. Now we have been summoned by the European institutions in the country, they have to make it clear to Ivanov that, from a democratic aspect, it is expected of him to agree and to legitimize it”, said Juratovic.

He thinks that the EU is a true alternative for Macedonia, but he warns that “the Macedonian government does not want to be part of the EU.”

MP of the German Christian – Democratic Union, Thorsten Frei determined that “at the moment, political parties in Macedonia are only interested in themselves and constitutional issues.”