The Greek media has speculated that both Skopje and Athens have officially dictated that, “Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will ask the UN to approve an additional protocol that will make the Prespa Agreement more precise in the sense that it will give a very limited space for language and nation.”

According to government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski, it is a “fake news in the Greek media”, which in the meantime was denied by the government in Athens.

Bosnjakovski says that what the Greek media is saying is not true, that is, it is not true that “Greece is trying to ‘minimize the damage’ allegedly with an additional protocol that would be adopted in the UN.”

Articles in the Greek media come after statements made by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in Parliament regarding the Macedonian language in Greece, its use, and for “Aegean Macedonia”.

As “iefimidea” in Athens wrote, now that the government in Athens has become aware that the term “Macedonian language” remains in use with its northern neighbour, it is trying to find a way to respond and “minimize damage”, seemingly with an additional protocol that would be adopted in the UN.

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos has already asked the NATO Secretary General to oppose interpretations of the Prespa Agreement in Macedonia in order to prevent the recognition of the “Macedonian people” and to emphasize that the language in Greece’s northern neighbour is Slavic.

According to the media, Greece also informed the United States that the Prespa Agreement will not be ratified in the Greek parliament without such guarantees.