Lavrov accused the EU and the US for interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs


There is a rough systematic interference by the US and the EU in the internal affairs of Macedonia. On a daily basis, its citizens were asked to vote in favor of the Prespa Agreement in the referendum on 30 September this year. The referendum, as it is known, failed. In this situation in the House on 19 October, with the extortion and bribery of parliamentarians, constitutional changes were imposed, with the direct involvement of foreign diplomats, including the US ambassador there, accuses Sergej Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs in an interview for the Greek newspaper “Efemerida ton sindakton”.

In the interview that was published on the day when the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is on an official visit to Moscow, Lavrov is using the word Macedonia, that the Greek newspaper has marked with a symbol and in the footnote, it explained that Greece recognizes this country as the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.

The Head of the Russian diplomacy says that the pressures in Macedonia are continuing even now, with an effort to get the process in its final form in early 2019.

– It is noteworthy that such study serves the sole purpose of Washington for the urgent incorporation of Skopje into NATO. The scorn that the acceptance of the Prespa Agreement is supposedly necessary to speed up the European course can not stand any criticism. Consultations with Brussels on this subject can last, as experience says, a few decades – said Lavrov.

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