Bosnjakovski: The resignation of Saliji’s will not affect the judiciary reforms

Judicial power is independent, and as such it should remain, however, the judiciary reforms will not be affected by the resignation of former Minister of Justice Bilen Saliji, because at this point nothing can be stopped, government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said at today’s press conference, answering a journalist’s question whether yesterday’s resignation by Saliji would affect the judiciary reforms.

Bosnjakovski stressed that Saliji’s resignation, as he said himself, is “his personal act, because he feels moral responsibility for losing confidence regarding certain parts of the judicial reform for the small Almir”.

Bosnjakovski did not comment on whether the resignation of Saliji will speed up the government’s reconstruction that was announced by Prime Minister Zaev.

On a journalist question, Bosnjakovski answered that the Law on the Use of Languages “will be sent to the Venice Commission as soon as it is published in the Official Gazette”.