“Bomb” confirmed public secret. Verified!


Phone calls that opposition leader Zoran Zaev announced in two turns, although didn’t cause tectonic shifts, still showed that almost everything we suspected they were doing in the country – was true! It seems as Zaev’s “bombs” are trying to confirm the title of the last program with which VMRO-DPMNE went out to elections – “Verified”.

So, if there were ever doubts that we are tapped (whether from the country, abroad or by a political party), now it is no doubt and it is – verified.

Similar is the case with all other public secrets and doubts.

Corrupt judiciary – verified! We heard how court decisions and judicial officials are manipulated.

Ali Ahmeti, the ultimate head between Albanians – verified! We heard how Musa Xhaferi justifies to Mijalkov that he has to ask “Ali” about everything.
Tapping – verified! 11 audio recordings of wiretapped conversations are presented.
Party employments – verified! Jankulovska and Stavreski agreed who will be hired where.
No division between executive and the judiciary – verified! Jankulovska assigns tasks to the prosecutor.
Violation of the constitutional order – verified! Unauthorized wiretapping is a crime and violation of the Constitution.
Fixed tenders – verified! Jankulovska and Stavreski agree on tender for vehicles.
Interparty blackmail – verified! Mijalkov is pressing Musa Xhaferi DUI to support VMRO-DPMNE candidate for president of the Supreme Court.

At the last elections, parliamentary and presidential, held in April last year, the governing party came up with a program called “Verified”. The program includes 2,046 new projects and 64,000 jobs, and to guarantee this, it offered “Verified”. But, apart from these projects, there are a few for which the citizens have long suspected that were achieved.

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