News has spread fast across Bitola that criminal charges will be filed against 26 protesters for throwing paint at the Municipality of Bitola building.

This news is no surprise to the people of Bitola, however, it has enraged the citizens even more at the police’s actions.
The police department in Bitola has not yet revealed the names or surnames of the 26 people who will be charged for damaging public and private property.

The PR team from Bitola police department will only release the same information which is on their official website.

However, the people of Bitola presume that the protesters from the “Colourful Revolution” who were recently called for police interviews are the same people who will be charged.

Tobacco grower, Kire Nedolkovski and milkman Dushko Ilievski said that yesterday they were told that they would be charged, and were also threatened that if they continue to protest they would be imprisoned.

“What are you doing at these protests, why are you running after the SDSM? Do you want Vasko Kovachevski to become an MP again, and Aleksandar Kiracovski Minister? You will be criminally charged…”, according to the milkman Ilievski, this was the advice an inspector had given him when he went for a police interview.

“So far, I have received a few criminal charges and misdemeanor charges from the police, but at court, it all fell apart. During the “Swedmilk” affair, I was harassed because I hung obituaries with Gruevski’s face on them, but that charge was also rejected by the court. They have filed criminal charges against me for allegedly violently entering into Mayor Taleski’s office, but that too was rejected by the court. This is a classic example of pressure and intimidation towards the demonstrators, but I’ve been through it all. They cannot frighten me with jail”, said Ilievski.

From the “Bitola movement,receive” they say they have no information how many of them will receive criminal charges from the police, but they are not suprised by the news. On the contrary, they say they are now even more motivated for new guerrilla-style actions.