Biden to Zaev: Prespa Agreement contributes to European integration and unity

Former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden sent a letter to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in which he said he was honoured to meet him at the Munich Security Conference and exchange views on current political issues.

“Once again I congratulate you on the historic agreement with Greece in Prespa. I am convinced that the agreement is a major positive development for European integration and unity. As I said in our conversation in Munich, the success of North Macedonia is a success for the whole of Europe, and that’s good for everyone”, Biden writes in the letter, reports the government press service.

He says he is eagerly awaiting the day when the Republic of Northe Macedonia will be welcomed as a full NATO member.

“Your vision has laid the foundations for safety and security, and your leadership as Prime Minister of the citizens of North Macedonia will be remembered after such a historical achievement,” Biden emphasized.

In his letter, he expressed confidence that the friendship between the two countries will be stronger in the coming years.

“I assure you that I will personally advocate for your policies and commitment for a better future,” Biden added.