Athens satisfied with the agreement in Brussels


Greek Government indicated the agreement in Brussels as its success, victory and final meeting of civil requirements and needs. Government of Alexis Tsipras is satisfied with the agreement in Brussels, saying that it succeeded to allocate victory on the extraordinary meeting of the Eurogroup and realize what was planned without having to withdraw from its red lines.

“Greece today turned a new page. Negotiations mean fighting without concessions from what the people has ordered. It turned out that it could have been negotiated on the debt all these years, that Greece is not isolated, nor doomed, nor continues the Memorandum of austerity,” informed Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after he announced that an agreement has been reached in Brussels.

Under the new agreement, Greek Government estimates that the attempt to pressure the Government and to trap it failed and believes that the four-month extension would provide Greece time to continue negotiating with the European partners. “Blackmailing from the last 24 hours failed. The request for extension of the loan agreement was accepted and it will be the basis for these decisions and developments,” stated representatives of the prime minister’s office. They say that all austerity measures agreed by the previous governments to cut pensions, increasing taxes and the like would be changed.

The following steps from the Greek side are proposals for new, constructive reforms to tackle tax evasion, corruption, improve public administration and to deal with the humanitarian crisis and the financial problems of the citizens. Government announced that it would continue to negotiate, taking into account the requirements and red lines of citizens, hoping to reach an agreement by the end of summer.

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