Are Albanians to blame for Serbia’s bad performance at Eurovision?


Serbian fact-checking project “Raskrivanje” has carried out a thorough check into the nebulous claims made by the Serbian daily newspaper “Alo”, which accused Fjolla Ismaili, a Macedonian jury member in the selection of the Eurovision song, of somehow to blame because the Macedonia jury did not award any points to Serbian representative Nevena Bozovic.

“This jury left Serbia without any points, while Albania was given eight points, where 12 points from the audience went via SMS,” says the quotation from “Alo”, which is being examined by “Raskrivanje”. They went on to point out that the Serbian tabloid in general does not prove any of its accusations made in the headline of the text, that Ismaili had “stolen” points meant for Serbia.

Then, “Raskrivanje” explains how voting is conducted, that each jury member of 25 participating countries with numbers from 1 (the highest grade) to 25 (the lowest score) evaluated songs, and then each member of the jury ranks each country individually and then all points are collected, and the final ranking of the countries that received points is obtained.

“Therefore, Fojlla Ismaili ranked Albania first (1), Italy (2), then Australia (3), and so on, and at the end of her list is Iceland, 25th. France was 24th place, then Spain (23), and Serbia was ranked 22nd in Fyola Ismaili ranking.

Not only did she not give the least points, but her votes were not the only ones that mattered. Namely, even though Ismaili from all the members, evaluated Serbia the lowest, the remaining four members of the jury did not rank the country very high either. Nevena Bozovic’s song went down well with composer Riste Apostolov, who placed her in the 9th place on his ranking list.

With the total of their points Serbia came 14th in the final ranking, so it won no points, given that they were allocated to the top 10 countries.

On the other hand, the entire Macedonian jury gave Albania a high ranking, who came in third in the final ranking.

When it comes to votes by the audience, the Macedonian audience mostly voted for the Albanian song, and then for the Serbia, “Raskrivanje” writes, emphasizing that North Macedonia was not the only country who hadn’t given a single point to Serbia, as was the case with the jury from a usually friendly Russia.

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