The cabinet of President Gjorge Ivanov has basically tied the hands to around 20 journalists by offering them security certificates without any possibilities for them to know how it will reflect on their work, said the president of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJN), Naser Selmani at a press conference.

He called on President Ivanov to stop immediately the procedure for issuing security certificates, and the journalists who have signed it were then put in a room where they had to enter without their mobile phones, because of which they couldn’t communicate with their offices and to consult them whether to sign the document, and Selmani has called them to demand a putting a stop to this procedure, for which he said that this is an effort to tie the hands of the journalists.

The journalists were told that all of this is for greater transparency. All of this was happening after New Year when the journalists were summoned at the President’s Cabinet with a promise that they will be provided with an information about the work and then they were closed in a room along with 5 to 10 other people.

-This impetuous decision on part of Ivanov’s cabinet is an effort to prevent the journalists from doing their work and to be controllers of the government. I call on Ivanov to order his advisors to stop this procedure -said Selmani.