“Ajde” filed more than 6,000 complaints to the Constitutional Court


Over a hundred people today gathered at a protest march from the Ministry of Finance to the Constitutional Court, in which they filed more than 6,000 complaints against laws that project freelancers to pay health, pension and disability insurance.

– Today we have come up with this scale, which is supposed to represent the justice in Macedonia. On this scale, crime stands on one side and citizens on the other side. Who should the judges in this building judge? Today we are here to encourage them and tell them that we have no interest how they were appointed there. Today we are here to say that justice is on our side – said Jasmina Golubovska of the platform for civil politics “Ajde.”

“Ajde” says that eight laws regarding freelancers are unconstitutional and require the Constitutional Court to adopt an interim measure that will stop their application.

– Today we invited citizens to jointly file the motion in which 6.040 citizens appear as applicants. As announced in the beginning when we started the campaign, this initiative requests the Constitutional Court to adopt an interim measure that will stop the application of these eight laws. We request public session to discuss the initiative and finally abolish the unconstitutional provisions of the law. These laws are unconstitutional because freelancers are obliged to pay contributions, but do not have the guaranteed rights which are included with employment. The provisions are discriminatory, vague for citizens, inapplicable and we believe that they violate the principle of the rule of law. Some provisions are even retroactive – said Nada Naumovska from “Ajde.”

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