“Congratulations on the elections, we are winning”, Gruevski tells sympathizers


“Congratulations on the elections, we are winning”. With these words, the leader of the VMRO-DPMNE, started his 70-minute speech at the party gathering in “Boris Trajkovski” Sports Centre, where he demanded a great victory of 63 MPs and seats for a stable and secure Macedonia, and said, “it would mean the end to the dark and grim scenarios of the likes of Zaev and Verushevski”.

“Come election time and the time to hear the people’s voice, the voice that has been so long ignored and ridiculed. The people who remember and those who are wise and who know exactly what is happening  and what the ultimate goal is. We have reached the desired goal, which should mean the beginning of the end of the crisis. The time has come for an answer which the people have been waiting for two years.  However, the people of this country, time and time again have shown their strength and their wisdom, history has shown us this. The patience of the people is a virtue. Our people, step by step made it to the desired goal – the elections”, said Gruevski when he addressed sympathizers of the ruling party.

The VMRO-DPMNE leader said that the time has come to end the crisis and finally focus on the real problems of the citizens, the economy and the creation of jobs.

“We are aware that these elections will show the clear and unequivocal will of our people and they will send a message to everyone, that this country belongs to the people of Macedonia and the citizens decide on its future and no one else. Only the citizens decide on the country, they know who best will represent them and who can help them with everyday problems. We will not give up, we will not stop, we will lead the country forward”, said Gruevski.

Gruevski said that while they dealt with the political crisis and with the destruction of the SDSM and NGOs, that they had be working hard, and the elections will be a referendum on everything the opposition has done.

He said that the SPO is a major tool for the SDSM and Zoran Zaev to come to power without the support of the public.

“The SPO, which was formed in good faith, is being used as a major tool by the SDSM and Zaev to come to power by force, without the will of the people. They held a bunch of spectacular press conferences and filed charges without any valid proof, they still want to become an actor in this campaign. The more the SDSM try to come to power in a dishonest way, the greater the victory will be for the VMRO-DPMNE”,  said Gruevski, and added that on December 11, the people will send a strong message that they cannot be played and they will choose the option they can rely on.


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