At tomorrow’s session, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia should dissolve if early parliamentary elections are to be held on December 11.  The initiative to dissolve Parliament was filed by SDSM, the ruling VMRO-DPMNE only accepted on the condition that the budget for 2017 is adopted.

On the official website for Parliament, tomorrow’s 125th session has been scheduled for 12:00 noon, and the first item on the agenda is the budget for 2017. The second and third item are proposals for the dissolution of Parliament filed by MP Pavle Trajanov from the SDSM.

Parliament also has to decide on the laws which the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office are requesting, for witness protection, and an extension on the deadline for investigations which were also proposed by MP Pavle Trajanov, however, they are yet to be put on the agenda for tomorrow’s session.

Parliament, before it’s dissolution is due to debate the extra number of voters in the sixth constituency  where there are 5.28% more than allowed. As a solution, it was proposed that voters from Debar switch to the fifth constituency.