Today, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, met with the Ambassador of the OSCE Mission in Macedonia, Nina Suomalainen, which, the party announced that the two discussed “the post-election situation in Macedonia” and the “views of DUI regarding the situation.”

“Ahmeti spoke about the tendentious campaign organized against him and DUI in the last two years and the time has come for the truth to come to light, for every allegation, slander, uncertainty and for every dilemma. Ahmeti is determined that justice will have the final say and will remove all tendentious, malicious doubts about his character and DUI. Justice must prevail”, said a statement by DUI regarding the meeting.

Ahmeti called on leaders of political parties to join the appeal addressed to the police, military, civil service and all citizens to work precisely and calmly, in service of security and national stability.

The statement by DUI said that Ahmeti called upon international friends not to remain indifferent to the developments in our country.