Ahmeti’s statement for RSE: There Are Many Centres That Are Working on Creating Chaos in Macedonia


There are many power centers that are working on causing a damage over the integration of our country into the EU and especially into NATO, said DUI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti during an interview at “Radio Slobodna Evropa.”

-There are many centres that are working towards creating chaos and distrust between the two of the biggest ethnic communities in our country i.e. the Albanians and the Macedonians, because these centres surely aren’t without any experience and they know that the harmony, the closeness and the trust between the Albanians and the Macedonians are crucial for moving the country in the right direction. This is for the good of the country and, how should I put it, are throwing dirt to disrupt these relations – said Ahmeti.

In the interview, DUI’s leader has stating that in the neighboring countries there are structures and groups that want to divide the country for their own personal aims.

-I’m not talking here about nor I’m blaming the governments in the neighboring countries, but in these countries, there are groups that aren’t interested in Macedonia’s bright future and they don’t want Macedonia to be a part of NATO and EU. So, there are groups in this region’s countries that are interested in dividing the country for achieving certain interests. I don’t want to be misunderstood because it is not about the governments in the region, but about groups that aren’t devoid of influences in their native countries from where they are penetrating in our country along with their ideas. They are entering into Skopje and into many other cities in R. of Macedonia where they are promoting their idea or platform, sometimes using legal means, sometimes semi-legal or are partially operating illegally “ – said Ahmeti

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