After the 21st of November, The Government Must Not Overspend On Roads, Schools, and Sewers.


According to the Election Code, the election campaign starts 20 days before the elections, and it ends 24 hours before the voting day.

The campaign lasts for three weeks in order to decrease the expenditures and to pave way for equal opportunities for independent candidates. Because of that, in 2006, the election campaign for local elections was shortened from 30 to 20 days.

Until the election campaign starts (21st of November) the Government will work as usual.

According to the Law for corruption preventions, starting from the day when a decision is made for organizing elections until the ending of the election of MPs at the R. of Macedonia’s Assembly and the election of the government, the executive government must not use budgetary assets to commence infrastructural projects such as building of roads, water supplies, transmission lines, sewers, or schools and kindergartens.

The start of the campaign denotes that new rules will apply regarding the conduct of both public servants and the media.

From that moment on, the public servants are just “technical personnel” and if they are candidates for MPs, then they will have 20 days to persuade the voters to vote for them again. Even though in Macedonia for awhile no one can tell the difference between the public and the party service, still the Election Code has taken into account rules of regulating the behavior during an election campaign.

What they mustn’t do: );

Public opinion polls about election results mostly five days before the election days (When publishing the results, the media is obliged to reveal information about the name of who requested and paid for the poll, the institution that has conducted the research, the applied methodology, the scope and the structure of the researched sample and the period when the research was conducted);

The results from the public opinion polls that are carried out on the same day as the elections must not be published before 19.00 h i.e. before the closure of the polling places;

The pre-election gatherings must not be held at military and religious buildings, hospitals, hospices,

schools, kindergartens, and other public institutions;

For the needs of the election campaign, it is not allowed to use the premises the equipment or other property that is intended for the use of state authorities, municipality authorities and the City of Skopje.


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