Activists are calling out to the parents to boycott the classes due to the enormous pollution


The activists fighting for clean air and a healthy environment have called out the parents to boycott the classes on the 20th of December (Wednesday) due to the enormous pollution.

On the “Boycott the Classes'” Facebook page they state that none of the protests have ever contributed to solving the problem with the solution and therefore the ways of expressing the revolt are changing.

“Air quality measurement stations that are allocated throughout Skopje for the last two weeks are indicating an enormous air pollution. Regarding the importance of dealing with the pollution, as the biggest and most dangerous problem, for 4 years we have been reminding the authorities. So far, we have tried with more gatherings to express the discontent of not dealing with any of the issues of this complex problem, in order to remind the officials to do their duties for which they have pledged to do, and in return, they are receiving salaries from our money. Since all previous forms of protest didn’t bear any fruit from now on we are changing the ways we are expressing our revolt” said the initiative.

This morning, the citizens of Skopje woke to a thick fog, lower visibility, and an enormous increase of the pollution. The Measurement stations are indicating an enormous air pollution in the Skopje area. The high levels of cancerogenic PM10 and PM2 particles are present in Centar, Karposh, Lisiche, Gazi Baba and Rektorat.

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