A total number of 27 complaints were lodged at the Administrative Court by political parties this evening against the decisions made by the State Election Commission (SEC) concerning the complaints about the first round of local elections, that were organized on the 15th of October, announced the court.

Otherwise, the deadline for lodging appeals concerning rejected complaints by SEC is expiring today at 11 o’clock.

Most of the complaints were lodged by VMRO-DPMNE, in the amount of 24, while the two others were lodged by TMRO and one by Levica.

The Administrative Court has a deadline of 48 hours to make a decision regarding the complaints.

There are five judicial councils that will decide upon the charges. These councils consist of five judges of the Administrative Court and will be selected by lot. The charges will be allocated electronically to these judges, and the deciding will be made on public sessions.

The Administrative Court has rejected the complaint lodged by Gjorgji Sharkovski against the “state administration in Krivogashtani” for preventing the gathering of signatures for a mayor and for members of the Council at the municipality of Krivogashtani.

In the meantime, the campaign for the second round of local elections is running. Last night at midnight, the deadline for filing requests for voting by sick and disabled persons ended.

The second round of the local elections will happen on the 29th of October.