The monitoring of communications in the Ministry of Interior is carried out in accordance with the legal procedures – with a court order through the Public Prosecutor’s Office, said the Ministry of Interior to “Nova TV” regarding the accusations made by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, during an interview on ” Alpha” television that hundreds of members of the leadership of the party were being wiretapped by the Ministry of Interior.

The ministry added that UBK has focused its work on left and right extremism and radicalism, and terrorism is a special global phenomenon and does not need a special explanation.

They remind that there are two committees in Parliament whose function is to supervise the work of the UBK and the Intelligence Agency (AR) and the application of special investigative measures (PIM).

“These commissions are welcome at any moment to supervise and control the application of these measures”, said the Ministry of Interior.