Until midnight, the State Election Committee (SEC)has received candidate lists by 15 coalitions and political parties that will be taking part in at the snap parliamentary elections on the 12th of April. There are 84 lists with 1.578 names on the candidate lists, that have yet to be confirmed by SEC. 6 persons from the diaspora will take part in and that submitted lists consisting three candidates for the 7th electoral unit.

SDSM and BESA’s coalitions, VMRO-DPMNE and “Never North, Only Macedonia” coalition, together with parties such as DUI, Integra and Demokrati, have submitted candidate lists for all seven electoral duits. Levica, MORO – Labor Party, Alternativa coalition and the Alliance of the Albanians will have candidate lists at all electoral units but the diaspora.

After the candidate lists were submitted, SEC will have to determine the validity of the sumbitted lists.