VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader Hristijan Mickoski gave the Government a list with measures how to deal with the coronavirus and one can recognize spinning the facts i.e. spinning the truth, writes Vistinomer.mk.

After the leadership meeting yesterday, Mickoski came out with an effort to spin about the helping hand for the authorities to help them with the situation. This is a spin because the list with the urgent measures that the government has to meet, and they refer to the citizens and the economy, cannot be implemented and there is no logic in their implementation.

These are some of the measures:

-the authorities to provide free masks and gloves for the citizens;
-financial aid and free medical treatments for people infected by the virus;
-freezing the companies’ obligations towards the country i.e. companies that were hit by the virus situation;
-freezing the companies’ obligations towards banks and loaners for the current month i.e. companies that are hit by the virus situation;
-the state to abolish and pay the interests for citizens and the companies

Finally, if VMRO-DPMNE is offering a helping hand, why doesn’t it propose the political parties to give away the budgetary financing for a certain period including the paid media advertising during the elections. That amount is worth several million euros.