Skopje: Extravagant Projects for Cheap Political Gain

Skopje, 26 December, 2015 - 9:05 (META) 

Three projects in three municipalities in Skopje are united in one thing – they all have a primarily decorative function.

Park of lakes in Aerodrom, the Bohemian street in the Centre, and the Delfina Square, although in different municipalities, they have a common denominator – high costs and the constant boasting with why and how much of our money was spent by their mentors.

Municipalities in Skopje in recent years have invested a lot of money into making public spaces more beautiful and have spent hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros and it is about who will make their neigbourhood nicer, or a more expensive square, park or walkway.

But if there is money, does it have to be spent?

Veles: Ten villages cut-off from civilization and the budget

Veles, 25 December, 2015 - 9:37 (META) 

Cut off from civilization in the 21st century, there are almost ten thousand inhabitants of the villages of Veles. For years have been asking for the dirt roads to be paved which is meant to be planned in the Municipalities budget.

They were planned in the annual budget. Instead of 16.800.000 denars for the construction and reconstruction of the roads and streets, local government for the nine months of this year, have only spent four million denars.

Why have they not fulfilled the promises made to the citizens and where is the money which was allocated for the construction of these roads?

Bitola: Dark Suburb Instead of Golden Hill

Bitola, 24 December, 2015 - 9:31 (META) 

How were 2.5 million euros from the local governments budget re-transferred to be spent on other projects, different to what citizens were told.

At the old Army barracks there are “new” buildings being built.

The funds from the investors went to the municipality’s budget but the new tenants live in a ghetto without running water, sewage, roads or street lights.

The city council even decided to get a commercial loan to finish the work but the local Prosecutor launched an investigation into what happened to the finances that were in the budget.

Tetovo: Twenty Years of Thirst

Tetovo, 23 December, 2015 - 9:14 (META) 

How does Mayor Teuta Arifi wake up and wash without water? When does she plan on solving the water problem “once for all”?

All city authorities until now have failed to provide water, and now there is a other problem – Tetovo’s water supply is breaking down.

For two decades, one million euros of people’s money has been collected for water they have not used, and now citizens have replaced their water taps with plastic bottles, cans, buckets and barrels.

Vasilevo: Four Years for Four Kilometers

Strumica, 22 December, 2015 - 10:25 (META) 

The local road from Chanaklija – Nova Maala is still not done yet.

Every year the road is in the plans of the local government’s budget. The local citizens never found out where the money disappears to every year.

– Its my money, that’s why it hurts more – says one of the citizens who wants to know where his money is spent in his municipality.

Prilep: No Food and No Care for 128 Retirees (Video)

Prilep, 21 December, 2015 - 14:19 (META) 

The Nursing home for Prilep`s 128 retirees is financed from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and with some personal income from the retirees. The Nursing Home`s bank account has been frozen due to debt, and now 128 retirees are without appropriate heating, food or care.

There have been some personnel replacements due to the accusations of possible fraud in the Nursing Home but the situation remains solemn.